Easy Peasy Homemade Drawstring Shoe Bag

I swear, the shoes you are wearing can make or break your day at the hospital. Every nurse is on their feet all day moving from room to room and helping their patients.

I remember when I first started as a nurse and I just got the cheapest shoes I could find for the job. In the first hours of my shift, my feet were beginning to throb. By the end of the day I had these massive blisters burning at the bottom of my feet. The worst part was, for the rest of the week I still wore those shoes and my feet couldn’t come close to healing until the weekend.

You may think that I should have broke in those shoes before wearing them on the job. However, even after I broke them in, they still felt like they were breaking my feet. Luckily, I found something new.

My shoes for work as a nurse are such a crucial part of my uniform. They are the most comfortable shoes I have found for my feet. I only wear these for work and getting my shoes off helps me destress after some of my more stressful days at the hospital. I like to take them off as soon as my shift ends and drive home in flip flops in the summer or ugg boots in the winter.

To make my life easier, I found this easy peasy homemade drawstring shoe bag to carry my shoes to and from my locker room at work, to the car or home. Here’s how to make it at home:

What I love about this drawstring shoe bag is the ease and convenience it gives me. I just open it up, put my shoes in, then throw it over my shoulder. Before, I use to shove my shoes in my already overstuffed purse which made it bulky and ridiculous to carry around.

This shoe string bag is both fashionable and fabulous. My fellow nurses at the hospital have even commented on the bag and got one for themselves. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a trend setter, but I just believe that I know a good thing when I find it.

I would highly recommend this bag to you so you can bring your shoes back and forth from the hospital. I know that a good pair of shoes is hard to come by so look after them! 

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